~inspirational quote~

~inspirational quote~


BiOcHeM tUtOrIaLs

heyy….well i’ve learnt something new in class today.

Did you know that the difference between cytosol and cytoplasm in the cell is that the cytosol is aqueous substance without the organelles full of proteins that control cell metabolism including signal transduction pathways, glycolysis, intracellular receptors, and transcription factors. On the other hand the cytoplasm contain both the organelles and cytoplasm suspended in it.


Parts of a cell and it’s functions:

I am sure that after watching this video you would know ALL the components of the cell…it’s a very catchy tune with a lil rhyming. Be sure to look at it!

Components of a cell:
cell membrane
endoplasmic reticulum
golgi complex
cell wall

This video was beneficial in identifying the different parts of both plant and animal cell of eukaryotes. The song is very catchy and the use of graphics was excellent.
A point to note is that animal cells do no have a cell wall or chloroplast but contain lysosomes and centrioles which are absent in a plant cell.


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