҉ḄḭӧҁϦѐҧḯṩṫṛẙ҉ Diary: “my reflections”

Week 12: Dear Biochem Diary,

END OF BIOCHEMISTRY!!! goodbyee my fav subj…:'(


Rocking class today! Tutorials was the best ever! Nothing special occurred but I learnt a lot. I actually attempted all the questions which was super cool because I knew the answers…well most of it. The ans given was way more precise than what I got from internet, ‘Thanks Sir!!!’ 

Ok blog is coming to an end in a few days time so I hope all my followers enjoyed the posts I’ve done. Hope it was educational. I had tons of fun and hope next semester there are other fun activities to engage our minds. 




 Today was our last official class of lipids. It’s just so sad…’can’t even think right now’


It’s the second to last class for lectures with the BEST lecturer of them all.  Sadly it’s coming to an end. But…just around the corner is EXAM TIME!!! I want to take this opportunity and wish everyone good luck.

g l

So…down to business. Today I learnt that although cholesterol is bad for us we still depend on it for many functions in our body. I learnt the structure (refer to my blog post). I also learnt more about lipids and the difference between nucleotides and nucleosides. Did you know that there was even a difference??? A nucleotide contains a phosphate group while a nucleoside does not (see the pics below).

nucleotide                                       nucleoside

I would like to take this opportunity and thank Mr. Matthew for his continued assistance with this course. It was not how I expected it to be but I really enjoyed it! 


Week 11: Dear Biochem Diary,


Todays topic was based on Lipis and Nucleic Acids. I learnt about saturated and unsaturated fats and there characteristics. (Be sure to view my blog post on this). I


Happy April Fools!!!


Can you believe I spent my entire Easter weekend completing ‘biochemistry‘ lab, online quizzes plus studying for exam on Wednesday??? I know it was the best spent ever by myself in my apartment away from all the hustle and bustle of liming or going to the river…Oh i soooo missed out. 😦 I did not regret not going home since i aced both quizzes by getting TOTAL! Loved it! Sir I do have to say thanks a lot for the practice videos on Glycolysis. It helped a lot. Here are the links if you guys would ever want to check it out:








Good-Luck in exams…..until next time



Week 10: Dear Biochem Diary,

It’s going to be lonnnnng Easter weekend followed by our Biochemistry bring your notes exam. I hope all my fellow class mates use the time to study hard.

I hope when you’re in exam you don’t look at the clock and see that here is ten mins left with that expression on your face….hahaha jk


Anyways, this week we did the Kreb’s Cycle / TCA cycle and Electron Transport chain in class. For tutorials we were quizzed on the glycolysis pathway and fates of pyruvate which was helpful for me in better understanding this broad topic and remembering some key info like reaction 6 is the only splitting reaction and PFK 1 is the most regulated enzyme. Also, I learnt means of structuring the work learnt and how to put it in a good format for final exam based on the points that are needed and necessary. 


Take Care peeps,


Week 9:  Dear Biochem Diary,

It’s been a rather busy week learning about the ten stages of glycolysis along with the ten needed enzymes for this reaction to take place in the conversion of one glucose molecule into two pyruvate molecules yielding 2 molecules of ATP or energy needed by the cell. Oh by the way did you guys know that this metabolic pathway is the most ancient one ever.lol Yes it’s verrrry old! It occurred in erythrocytes (mature red blood cells) way before oxygen was even discovered. That’s pretty amazing! 

I hope you guys has read the posts i did for this week. It deals with most of the notes covered in the lectures. 

  • the stages in glycolysis
  • cori cycle
  • hemolytic anemia
  • galactosemia
  • fermentation

Happy blogging…i will continue to post valuable topics to help all my followers better understand processes occurring in everyday life.

Take care,


Week 8: Dear Biochem Diary,

(14/03/2013) Today’s tutorial class was interesting. I drew the Michaelis-Menten curve for competitive inhibition. I was criticized by sir but i appreciated alot since i learnt that at some point both curves with and without inhibitors would meet each other unlike in noncompetitive inhibition

This is an example of what i am referring about:



The next group had the chance to draw the Lineweaver-Burk plot for competitive inhibition:


Note the difference between the two graphs.

Today i also learnt the titration of Lysine. The pI was calculated to be 10.6 A point to note: the R group can be given by sir in exams but could be in any structure at different pH. The fully protenated form of any amino acid has to have COOH or NH3

See you guys next week…Keep making your  notes on Glycolysis and have a safe weekend.


Neerie 🙂

(13/03/2013) Today’s class was great! We started to look at the most ancient metabolic pathway…GLYCOLYSIS. It supplies the energy to all living cells and was around since before oxygen. Therefore it deals with both aerobic and anaerobic processes. Erythrocytes or fully matured red blood cells are solely dependent on this process. If there is a disruption in the glycolysis pathway cases of anemia develops. 

Until next week…


(12/03/2013) Time is flying sooo fast. Today in class we started a new topic GLYCOLYSIS and finished out the last part on enzymes. I learnt that non-competitive and uncompetitive inhibitors differ from each other. In uncompetitive inhibition an enzyme substrate substrate complex must form since the inhibitor does not bind to the free enzymes while in non-competitive inhibition it occurs. 

Happy learning my fellow bloggers. 


 Picture 4

Week 7: Dear Biochem Diary,

Well…I finally finished both my biochemistry assignments. YaaY!!! I have to say those two worksheet really helped me in developing my knowledge skills in the various topics completed so far in Biochemistry lectures. 

This week we continued the discussion about Enzymes. We looked at two graphs: the Michaelis –  Menten Curve and the Lineweaver- Burk Plot. A point to note for exams is to draw each an explain the four types of inhibition looked at in class. We also did the effects of temperature, pH, [S] and [enzyme] affects the velocity or rate of the reactions. Another point to note is when drawing the temperature curve the graph is not symmetrical due to the fact that the bonds are vibrating till the optimum temperature but rapidly breaks when the optimum temperature is reached thus there is a steeper slope on the graph.

Well…it’s : am on my clock. Time to head to bed. I have class tomorrow. Yea it’s on a Saturday but say what…if you sacrifice now you will reap the benefits in the long run. Happy blogging my fellow bloggers…



Week 6: Dear Biochem Diary,

I have decided to start my diary for Biochemistry based on my adventures at class at UWI. This week we started the topic of Enzymes. In my own words enzymes are biochemical catalysts which aid in the processes that occurs within the human body. It helps in speeding up a reaction therefore less activation energy is needed at the start. I have learnt that the end product does not change with or without the presence of an enzyme. This week’s tutorial was a bit interesting when sir asked a bunch of questions which was easy yeah but is the explanations we have to know in order to pass our end of semester exam. I find hat he does a great job with these weekly quizzes  It’s the best way of teaching I have seen so far with the involvement of students participation each week. It keeps me on the top of watching the videos, making my notes and studying for the various topics each week. Thanks Mr. Matthew.

See you guys next time… have a safe and enjoyable weekend. xoxo

Your Best Blogger



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